What makes us different

Progressive Valve Stack:
Other manufacturers are appalled and completely against using Progressive Valve Stack. We how ever are known not to be followers and go along with popular belief and current design’s.
Progressive valve stack consists of a larger diameter rate plate with 3 shims that are under a total of .060”. This rate plate allows the system to open much easier for slow speed dampening and also high-speed dampening.




The Single Free Bleed Tube Design:
This Single Free Bleed Tube Design is an evolution of seven years of prototyping and development. It started with a need for a better product in long travel leaf spring applications that current shock manufacturers just did not have.
With the combination of what we learned from tuning race teams for leaf spring setup, We saw the need for a more progressive amount of flow in the shock design. With longer travel and taller bump zones that forced shock designs to illuminate the third tube causing shocks to ran one compression on the rebound.
In are prototyping and noticed the shock was at it’s best when all tubes were depleted and the work was done internally on the shock piston.
The combination of these two facts taught us a single free bleed tube design that flowed in both directions had the best performance and as a bonus eliminating the check valve making less noise within the vehicle.
The results:
We have more control of the shock in the middle zone of the suspension movement with a simpler adjusting system that not so confusing, cost less and cancels out the extra heat.



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